Jucifer "Nadir" LP
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Jucifer "Nadir" Vinyl

Recorded and originally released on cassette in 1994, 'Nadir,' is the first recorded material ever released by the amazing Jucifer. Transferred, restored and remastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed) and then remastered again for vinyl by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise, audio engineer who remastered the recent Sleep 'Dopesmoker' vinyl) the quality and fidelity of the restored recording will blow you away.  Cut at 45 rpm, this record sounds amazing!

'Nadir' finds Jucifer exploring what would become their signature live sound: crushing, sludge-driven, rifftastic and sonically beautiful.  This album is a must-have for avid fans and those new to the aural splendidosity of the ever-awesome Jucifer.

This recording has been travelling through time for eighteen years and has made its way onto sweet, 45 rpm vinyl for your listening pleasure and edification, with liner notes and a history of the recording provided by Jucifer's own Gazelle Amber Valentine. 

Get into it.  And all hail Jucifer.

PS - this is Mutants of the Monster's first vinyl offering!!!

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Jucifer "Nadir" LP

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